Buying wholesale carpet is the ideal way for those on a budget or who just want to save money to purchase beautiful carpet for their homes at affordable prices. Carpet is the ideal flooring choice to add comfort and warmth to any room.

From the first wool and animal hair carpets to today’s luxurious, wall-to-wall carpets, carpet has a long and rich history. Initially, the need for warmth was the primary reason for making carpet. Carpets today are so much more than a source of warmth, however. Colors and textures combine to enhance the look of a room, be it a bedroom, living room, or every room in the house. Buying wholesale gives you all of the choices without the high prices.

All About Carpet

Carpet is made in two ways: weaving and tufting. Wovens are made of wool and are typically more expensive to buy than tufted. Most manufactured today uses the tufting method.

Carpet is made from a variety of fibers, each with its own special qualities. These include:

Wool: Wool is the most expensive carpet fiber, but it offers a luxurious look and feel that lasts a long time.

Acrylic: Acrylic carpet looks like wool, but is less expensive. It is stain, moisture, and mildew resistant, but is not recommended for high traffic areas.

Polyester: One of the most popular fibers, polyester looks great, is crush resistant, and available in a host of vibrant colors. Easy to clean, stain and fade resistant, polyester fiber is typically used in soft looped. Polyester carpet is more economical than nylon or wool.

Olefin (polypropylene): Olefin is the second most commonly used fiber. It is the least expensive fiber and used in approximately 80% of commercial carpet. Because of its strength, olefin can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Nylon: Nylon is the most widely used home carpet fiber. Perfect for all areas in the home, it retains its fiber height, even in high use areas, is stain resistant, and static-free.

Blends: Carpet fiber blends are manufactured that combine the best qualities of each. Wool/nylon blends retain the beauty of wool while enhancing its strength through the nylon. Other common blends include acrylic/olefin and nylon/olefin.

PET: A green carpet choice, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are made from recycled plastic containers and bottles. PET carpet is durable and water-resistant.

A common misconception about carpet is that those who own pets or have sm carpets and flooring shop Doncaster all children should not install carpets in their homes. That may have been true in the past, but technological advances have allowed manufacturers to make stain, water, and odor resistant that are ideal for pet owners and families with small children.

The Benefits of Carpet Flooring Carpet has outsold other types of flooring for the last 50 years. There are a variety of benefits to having carpeted floors in a home. Some of these include:

* Warmth: No flooring type is as warm as carpeting.

* Energy efficiency: These can actually improve the energy efficiency of your home by adding an additional layer of insulation to the floor.

* Safety: Particularly when there are small children or older folks, it adds a much needed cushion in case of a fall.

* Reduces Sound: Sound between floors and rooms is reduced more by carpeting than any other floor.

These have the added benefits of being easy to clean and has a long life.

Wholesale stores not only offer carpets at an affordable price, they often sell backing or cushions. Nearly as important as the carpet itself, a superior backing can do much to enhance the comfort level and lengthen the life of your carpet. Benefits include:

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