Want Success? Then Learn To Change Your Thinking

Do you ever struggle with self-discipline? Do you constantly wish you had prosperity and success, but you end up dragging yourself down because you think you can’t make your dreams happen?

This is probably because you’re trying to behave in a way that is not entirely in sync with your inner core. Change your core and your behavior is no longer a struggle.

Look at yourself like a radio set. If you’re breathing, you’re plugged in. What station you are tuned to can be identified by the outer conditions in your life. The outer conditions in your life are a byproduct of your behaviors, and your behaviors are controlled by the ideas deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. So the only way to effectively and permanently improve your circumstances is to tune in on a different station of thought.

For example, a radio doesn’t pull music into the room because it is turned on; it only makes audible the music that is already there. It’s the same with us… the solutions to our dilemmas already exist and we become aware of them when we are tuned in.

Let’s look at a person who is trying to quit smoking. Deep inside, they are “one” with the cigarette. So to try to leave it alone is as hard as it gets. Even if they are successful at leaving it alone, deep inside they feel incomplete for a long, long time.

One solution to this is whenever the person feels tempted by the cigarette, they say, “Oh, I don’t do that anymore…” And they say it even if they don’t really believe it in their heart for a long time.

We are affected by the things we hear. If we continually listen to people on our same station, we will continue to be in tune with our circumstances just as they are. Someone who “lies” to him/herself out loud -enough- about a new desired “truth” will eventually alter the station to which they are in tune. They will be in tune to a different collection of ideas and solutions that they had never picked up on before.

The person who said, “I don’t do that anymore” was essentially broadcasting a new level of thought. As a result, their inner core changed much quicker because their own ears heard their own voice make a statement of decision. Compare that to a person who, every time they are tempted, says out loud, “I’m trying to quit, but I’m having a real hard time with it.” Knowing which of the two people are more likely to succeed is hardly a mystery.

What about a person who is strapped financially? Well, they have a problem, don’t they? Every problem has a solution, by law. But the solution to one’s problem is never on the same level of thought as the ones that got the person into the mess in the first place. As Einstein put it, “The significant problems we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Notice he places responsibility for our problems squarely on our own shoulders.

Would it be harder for a smoker to discipline his/herself to leave a cigarette alone, or harder for him/her to SAY the words, “Oh, I don’t do that anymore” before it is 100% true? Sometimes it’s hard to lie to ourselves in a positive way… but it’s MUCH harder to quit the behavior without first changing our core.

So take a look at your circumstances. The kind of home you live in, the occupation you hold, the balance in your checkbook, the condition of your relationships, your level of spirituality, your health… if any one of these areas could be improved, they are only what they are because you lack the understanding on how to make them better. You may think you know how to change it, but unless it has already changed, you only have an intellectual concept of how to change. Your thoughts about it are actually on the same frequency as the thoughts that got you to where you already are.

The real solution is probably not what you think it is. The good news is that the solution is continually broadcast over a different station, and your job is simply to “tune in”. Need money? Quit telling yourself you’re broke. Quit saying, “I would, IF I could afford it.” “I will go, IF things work out.” These are thoughts that are tuned in too solidly to your current frequency. If you want anything to change, you need to think on a different level.

Every commercial, every billboard, every conversation, image, and thought that we allow into our mind has an effect on how tuned in we are to our current station. Some input pulls us down to a lower frequency, and sometimes (thank heavens) we stumble onto something that uplifts us. If we stay on a frequency that only brings static, chaos is often the physical manifestation of that confusion.

The ideas stored within our inner core are the things that literally control our behaviors, which dictate our outer circumstances. Take control of your circumstances by taking control of your INPUT.

Ultimately it is best to be like a radio that is tuned in to the highest broadcast available. Divine inspiration fills the air on that channel. But if we are not already in tune on that level, it might be a good idea to be an iPod for a while! Consciously select messages that will uplift you until the elevated way of thinking has become a way of life. While a radio can be subject to every frequency available, an iPod only broadcasts precisely what you give it.

Feed your mind with messages of your choosing… on purpose. Subject yourself to input created by mentors who live on the level where you want to be. In time, your inner core will automatically think on an elevated level.

While it’s true that you can tune yourself into a different “station” by picturing life the way you want it, and allowing yourself to FEEL the joy of the new life even before it is true (which literally changes your radio station and you will pick up on ideas you have never had before…), you can also effectively elevate your thinking by carefully and consciously selecting your audible input.

If you don’t know how to tune in to a different frequency of broadcasted solutions (which present themselves as flashes of inspiration), you can at least listen on purpose to people who live on that elevated frequency.radio strap

Did you know that IF you respond to your dilemmas with “I WILL find a way,” and if you believe it in your heart, you will put yourself on a different frequency? By law, you will become aware of the solution.

For example, do you ever tune your radio to a certain station and wonder if the broadcast will come out? If it is tuned in properly, and if all obstructions have been eliminated, it WILL come out! Dependably!

So it is with finding answers to your dilemmas. The most successful people in this world have come to know that there is always a solution, and they expect to find it. The Law of Polarity states that every question has an answer. Because of their attitude, they find it. They are on the right frequency to pick up on the inspiration that will solve their problem.

There are many ways that you can fill your figurative iPod with great input. One great way is to decide first what YOU want out of life and write it down. Then let yourself feel it as though it is already so, for at least a few minutes today.

By doing this, you’ve put yourself on a frequency where you will pick up on the solutions you need. Trust your gut and follow through. ACT on the hunch, believing that you will discover what you seek. I will not pretend that what I have is the right thing for everyone, right now. Not everyone is in the right mindset to receive what I have to give, and that’s okay.

One thing that I do believe is important for everyone is this advice: Feed your spirit, feed your mind… and you will elevate your life.

To receive guidance from THE Higher Power, tune in on THAT frequency by generating genuine feelings of gratitude. Feel grateful for life, however it is now, and then allow yourself to feel grateful for the life you want, even before it is with you. Pretend it is so in your mind and feel the gratitude. That is what turns your dial to tune in to a new station. It’s as simple as that. You will be guided by God to that new kind of life.



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