Hollywood and Bollywood have a lot in common, apart from just their names. They are both about glamour, romance, ideals, evocative music, sweeping emotions, fantastical story lines, handsome actors, beautiful leading ladies, stunning settings Bigg Boss 16 Watch Online, larger-than-life characters, and of course dreams.

A wedding can be a little girl’s dream from a very young age. Weddings, like movies, also require extraordinary amounts of organization and planning Bigg Boss 16 Watch Online. Staging a wedding can be a little bit like shooting a film, except that film-shoots are allowed to take weeks or months, whereas a wedding is completed in a week or even a day.

So where am I going with this? Yes, you’ve guessed it – why not have a Hollywood or Bollywood theme at your wedding? Or, you could even have both. Indian people who have spent some time in Britain or America often have an equal fondness for Bollywood and Hollywood. Also, even though many British people who have grown up in Britain and have never spent time in India may not have watched many Bollywood films, they will probably be familiar with them. Bollywood has influenced western culture, just as western culture has influenced Bollywood, and both, I believe, are richer for it. Multiculturalism is a wonderful thing for a many reasons, just one of them being that it means that Indian people and British people both have an affinity with Hollywood and Bollywood.

So a wedding with both themes? Is that greedy? No, because a wedding is not just about the bride and groom, it is about the guests’ enjoyment. So, is it generous? Absolutely. Is it difficult? That depends on your wedding planner.

A wedding should be given as much attention to detail and as much consideration of timing, as a stage production. When combining Bollywood and Hollywood it is important the two are not in competition, as it were. Hollywood and Bollywood are both extravagant, flamboyant and ostentatious, so the combination would have to be handled intelligently.

It is important to know that what works in the afternoon is different to what works in the evening. For a multicultural wedding, how about you work out how many guests are more familiar with Hollywood, and how many are more familiar with Bollywood. If the guests are predominantly Indian, it would make sense for the music and the mood to build up throughout the day, and to culminate in a spectacular Bollywood themed dance party. Hollywood, in this case, could be the main theme for the afternoon. How about having a pianist who plays songs from the golden age of Hollywood on an upright piano in the garden? How about choosing your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood film themes to be played during the dinner? After that, the guests will be perfectly primed for an absolutely joyous Bollywood themed evening. Sarees- “is it a rising trend in fashion”‘? When was it ever out of fashion? No matter how many kinds of clothing and fashion come to the Bollywood industry, sarees as an epitome of classic beautiful regalia will always outshine the rest. Haven’t you noticed how saree makes everyone look graceful? And by ‘everyone’- I mean every woman irrespective of color, race, ethnicity etc.

The age old apparel is still trending and it will continue to do so for as long as the civilization may last with or without fashion. You do know about the Bollywood and its glamour, right? The industry buzzes with very well adorned celebrities making statements wearing exquisite ethnic dresses every time they release a Bollywood movie.

Funny how Valentino’s and Prada’s are complimentary in Bollywood which will not suffice to make a fashion statement alone! For saree is in itself a fusion. It portrays a homogeneous blend of Hinduism and Muslim era. So how can it ever go out of fashion? The answer is never. Besides giving the appeal of a good, cultured and independent woman, there is more to the garment- its timeless which makes it a classic and elegant, its versatility makes it to be always trending. No matter how westernized Bollywood becomes, no matter how many kissing scenes it may adopt but our Bollywood actresses will never let go of this ”Desi-drape”. The ever-so-evolving drapery is never absolute because of its versatility. It was a fashion statement before, it still is and always will be. However, do not assume it to be ‘stagnant’. The vogue is constantly trending and its mantra is an ‘adopted evolution’.

One new direction of sarees is the adoption of lehenga sarees. No doubt, it’s still undergoing modification every day. New styles emerge when it comes to the highly competitive world of fashion industry and rising designers. Since last year, ‘half-sarees’, a hybrid of lehenga and traditional sarees is the new Bollywood Black. What’s more beautiful added to this invention is that besides being an easy wear unlike traditional sarees, it comes along with the dupattas which highlight the glamour of Bollywood. Rani Mukherjee in her recent appearance was wearing a bright pink designer half saree with floral patterns on it. She looked beautiful. Isn’t that what sarees are suppose to do? Half- sarees are just amazing.

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