Hunter controllers are not just ordinary control systems for plants and irrigation. These systems are highly advanced and offer modern features that the modern gardener surely can’t live without. For starters, practically all Hunter controllers can automatically start the time of irrigation, as well as the duration and the frequency of watering. In addition, some of the best systems from the company include multiple program features. Such an option allows the system to differentiate between types of plants and water each type accordingly. A new trend in control systems has been the addition of automatic sensors, which alert the system to any environmental change that could impact the ordinary watering schedule, such as rainy days, freezing winter nights. There are even scientifically based soil moisture sensors that help the system to create its own program of effective irrigation.

You can count on Hunter controllers to rise above the competition with its features. One of the most exciting new models is the ICR Remote Control. This system allows long-range distance communication. The ICR system has a signal powerful enough to go through buildings, walls and trees. The system can function up to two miles away from the controller and can actually be carried from job to job and potentially access dozens of irrigation systems.

Two more Hunter controllers are deserving of attention: the IMMS 2.0 Central Control, which is an affordable water management system that can control a whole network of irrigation systems from a single central location, and the ICC-SAT Central Control, which is a field satellite unit that combines all the latest features of network system management but increases communication capabilities. These systems are for professional use and have helped many companies and institutions manage their irrigation systems efficiently.

If you are interested in Hunter controllers then look up the official Hunter website or find an authorized dealer. Ever since 1981, Hunter has been one of the retail leaders in the landscaping industry, with their ultra-successful PGP sprayer, and onward down to their artificially intelligent Hunter controllers of today. Hunter has a reputation for quality and reliability not to mention a generous company warranty on all of its products.


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