You are probably preoccupied with preparing physically to become a confinement lady and a new mother, but there is also a need for mental preparation. As a confinement lady you will go through a lot of emotional upheaval and will come out of it completely exhausted. It will of course be more than worth it in the end as you come out with a beautiful baby, but you have to be prepared to handle the emotional drama of confinement.

For most women, the emotional drama doesn’t come from conflict with a confinement nanny or traumatic experiences with the new baby. The drama actually comes from the emotional swings of the confinement lady herself. Emotions always run high after having a baby, so you have to be prepared with strategies to control your mood swings and get through it with integrity.

#1: Have an action plan to control sleep deprivation.

The natural emotional swings of the confinement period are often made much worse if a confinement lady is unable to get adequate amounts of rest. You have to feed the baby every couple hours during confinement and there are lots of other tasks that need completed during those few hours you aren’t feeding. Neglect any of these duties and you are neglecting your new baby, so it is easy to see why a confinement lady could become sleep deprived.

Take action now to put a plan in action to prevent extreme exhaustion from interrupting your confinement period. Hire a confinement nanny if you can’t find a friend or family member willing to step in and give you daily periods of restorative rest. You need solid sleeping hours and that can only be done if you have a confinement nanny or someone else dedicated to letting you rest on a regular basis.

#2: Try to eliminate all potential stressors that could surface during your confinement period.

Think about the common reasons you get stressed out in daily life and do something to eliminate as much of that stress during confinement as possible. The more stress you have the harder it will be to make it as a confinement lady and the more likely you are to go through intense confinement depression.

For instance, if you think you will be stressed as a confinement lady by caring for other children as well as a newborn baby, hire a confinement nanny to help take on a lot of this responsibility. Anything you can do to eliminate stress during confinement will make you healthier 孕婦按摩 and less emotional during confinement.

#3: Develop a network of people you can vent to.

You can’t hold emotional reactions and thoughts inside while you are a confinement lady. This puts unnecessary stress on your shoulders and will only make confinement much harder. Start asking people right now if you can call them when you get upset or need help during this period. Just having people to talk to and vent your emotions to will make the confinement period much easier.

If nothing else, you can vent to a confinement nanny if you hire someone who is very personable and willing to help in any way. They will understand the emotional state you are in and will be great help in getting through it successfully.


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