Did you watch the television special last night (August 1, 2006) on the death of Marilyn Monroe? Well, what did you learn? I learned a few things that I already knew.

There is only one decent explanation for the confusion over Marilyn Monroe’s death resulting in the charge of cover-up. It’s as simple as apple pie. Peter Lawford took a tour of the premises before the police were called.

This has never been proven, that Peter Lawford checked the home for embarrassing information that could discredit Marilyn or the Kennedy’s. But most folks think he did. Why? Because once that a possibility is mentioned in relation to a celebrity it is immediately converted to OBVIOUS TRUTH.

Now that we know that Peter tipsy toed the premises, what did he find? Well, the diary is the most important item. Marilyn kept tabs on her daily activity by writing them into her diary. The diary has never been found. Therefore as an OBVIOUS TRUTH, Peter took it.

When the police came to the home, they found Marilyn nude on the bed either laying on her back, belly, or side. Her house keeper was confused and perhaps incoherent. A large number of drugs were on the bedside table. Only one of these had been prescribed by her physician. Therefore the OBVIOUS TRUTH is that they were planted there. Here is another OBVIOUS TRUTH: Because Russ Limbaugh gets his drugs from many different doctors, one not knowing what drugs the other is prescribing, then that is EXACTLY what Marilyn was doing.

There is a question here: Why did Marilyn call her friend for more sleeping pills because she was out? OBVIOUS TRUTH: Marilyn was out of sleeping pills. Therefore somebody killed her by forcing or faking the drug overdose. Well, that settles that question in everyone’s mind.

Marilyn doctor may or may not have given her a shot in the heart. That would be adrenaline to get the dead heart beating faster.

Now that television has access to old records and recordings for the first time, what do we know? Not one thing that had not been proven before by OBVIOUS TRUTH.

Well, there was a new-to-me OBVIOUS TRUTH on the television show last night; Marilyn was a commie spy sucking information out of the Kennedy’s on atomic bombs and atomic bomb testing to pass on to commies in Mexico. J. Edgar Hoover was on her butt all the time because of this (as he was on damn near everybody else in the United States). The FBI reports that were shown last night on TV, which were censored and impossible to read, proved this OBVIOUS TRUTH.

It’s time for an OBVIOUS TRUTH scenario: Peter got a telephone call from Marilyn’s friend who had been told of Marilyn’s death by the housekeeper. Peter told her friend to call the housekeeper and tell her not to call the police until he got over there. Then Peter called the White House and Bobby Kennedy, who was in Northern California. Bobby flew to L.A. Meanwhile, Peter went to the house and cleaned it out of discretionary evidence. Peter met Bobby and gave him the diary. No! Peter kept the diary. No! Peter sent the roofers west monroe la  diary with Bobby to take to the White House. No! Peter sold the diary to Frank Sinatra for fifty grand. No! Peter burned the diary. Well, the OBVIOUS TRUTH is that the diary will show up at auction in 2033 and will sell for eighteen zillion rupees.

Peter hung out with the Rat Pack. Therefore the OBVIOUS TRUTH is that they met him at Marilyn’s house and helped him make the search. Sammy Davis, Jr. took a pair of her panties as a souvenir. That is another OBVIOUS TRUTH. Everybody knows that Sammy liked panties.

Well, that aught to end the debate on this issue. The OBVIOUS TRUTH is that the CIA killed Marilyn because she was being a pest, singing that way at the President’s birthday celebration. Jackie said, “Either she goes or I go, Jack!” Bobby handled the CIA thing, not trusting the FBI to do it.

Later, Jackie and Peter had a rendezvous at his home on the beach. Checking his financial situation, Jackie got out of bed and went to Greece.

Now, that is an OBVIOUS TRUTH!

The End

Copyright©2006 John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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