Lawyers are flocking to the internet to invest their marketing dollars. And they should. No other medium gives them access to a large pool of people who already know they need a lawyer, its just a matter of finding one.

In order for a law firm marketing strategy to work on the web, an attorney needs to stand out and project themselves as a professional leader in their area of law. A leader with experience and in today’s market, a leader with a brand.

Often, lawyers make the mistake of going to a large company with a name they recognize when getting website design and marketing quotes. The unfortunate reality when working with such companies is that the attorney will not get the personal attention to their account that is needed to stand out.

A web site is much like a work of art. It needs to say something to the visitor before they read it. Communication through design is why it is vital to have a professional designer develop a law firm’s site.

We have outlined a few areas of law and explained what their design needs to say in order to communicate with their target market.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce and family lawyers probably work with the most stressed out client base of any other practice area. Aside from uncertainty, clients working with a divorce attorney are angry, scared, bitter, and are experiencing a handful of conflicting emotions. Therefore, when branding a divorce firm, attorneys should choose calming colors, avoid red, orange, and yellow, and go for softer earth tones.  Houston Car Accident Lawyer  Content that communicates with the fears of a family lawyer’s client base will help the web site convert better.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law is the most commercialized area of law. However, its also very sensitive. Aside from vehicle accidents, another area of law practiced by personal injury attorneys is wrongful death. If a picture of a lawyer looking character is swinging a sledge hammer to a shattering window that has “Insurance company” written on it, this will not communicate the firm as a compassionate and reliable personal injury attorney. Again, softer colors. However, a more corporate feeling is appropriate as well to give the feeling of reliability and experience. By the way, the shattered “insurance company” window… I can’t make this stuff up.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

While bankruptcy clients are also feeling a handful of emotions, they are primarily scared and a little embarrassed. Bankruptcy attorneys can project themselves as being tuff because they are what will come between the client and large, intimidating banks. Darker colors are appropriate, but earth tones will be more calming.



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