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I recently had some discussions with a local association director and then a SEO specialist on the topic of Social Media. No wonder as I am a rather smm panel. passionate evangelist in case you hadn’t noticed. Anyway, what I found interesting is the language surrounding how Social Media is defined and classified.

Social Media is Technology. Well my view on that is Social Media is NOT technology, it is Sales and Marketing. Technology might be behind the development and deployment but it is in itself not technology. Actually, in my humble opinion it has humanized technology سيرفر بيع متابعين. The amazing technology behind these social sites is really transparent. There is no barrier to entry. No financial investment is needed if you have a computer and Internet access and to use these sites, maybe not well but use them nonetheless, no training or special education is required.

As a personal tool, these sites are wonderful for keeping us in touch with one another as well as reconnecting with those one has fallen out of touch with over the years cheapest smm panel. Our lives are too hectic, fast paced, full of demands, delights and challenges for taking time to leisurely chat on the phone or make visits. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like can connect us in ways we never before dreamed and keep us connected.

As a business tool, the use of these sites allow us to be more prepared with information and data, make connections beyond our physical reach and maintain contact in our pressure cooker environments. Social Media actually puts our sales and marketing efforts on steroids and what company doesn’t need that?

Referring to Social Media as a technology creates a mental barrier for many executives to buy into its use. I think it also creates the risk of assigning the task to the wrong department. Social Media should include the IT departments but it is by no means an IT task. Maybe some of these executives and entrepreneurs are technophobes and feel that they would lose control or maybe they feel it opens the door to too many risks. Either way, it is on the fast track to the norm and as it evolves those who have not staked out their territory stand to be shut out all together before too long. The warning that if you aren’t engaged now you won’t exist later has a lot of merit.

The second challenge is the language of SEO, SEM and SMM. Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. I believe here again that the acronyms have been so confusing that this creates another barrier. SEO has had one of the biggest shifts since its inception. With local and real time search taking front and center as the key factors in search rankings, social media is now a primary driver for search engines to decide which sites come first. SEM is advertising on the Internet such as PPC (pay per click) and banner ads, while SEO and SMM are just plain and simple Sales and Marketing tools.

My recommendation is to set aside what ever misconceptions or views you might have regarding Social Media and if you are not committed to investing the time and talent into this channel for generating sales, then prepare yourselves for extinction. Ouch, harsh words? Yes but then reality is usually harsher than the hope of better times or the good old days

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