Being in the candy business, I often come across people who are interested in using candy as a theme or decoration for a special occasion. Be it a wedding, birthday party, cannabis seeds usa sweet sixteen, baby shower, bar/bat mitzvah or any kind of event adding candy adds an extra bit of goodness. Are you interested in sweetening up your next gathering? Here are six great reasons to include candy on the guest list.

  • Color choices – No matter what your color scheme, you can find candy to match. Need red? Try Red Hots , Hot Tamales or Very Cherry Jelly Bellys. Are Pink and brown your colors? Try chocolate-raspberry saltwater taffy. Need some light blue? Cotton candy flavored rock candy or some Berry Blue Jelly Bellys may help. Yellow the “in” color this year? Try banana runts. Need pink or blue for a baby shower? Cotton candy candy sticks should do the trick. The possibilities are virtually endless.
  • Theme Choices – Most people would be amazed at the variety of shapes and “themes” available in candy today. Traditional party shaped candies might include flower lollipops and It’s a Boy/Girl bubblegum cigars. Having a party with a beach theme? Why not throw some gummy sharks in a bag and have them chase around some Swedish Fish. Or grab some tropical fish lollipops. What about that Fear Factor part you were thinking about. No problem. Candy manufacturers love making gross looking, sounding and tasting candy. Consider Big Burp, a candy with a dispenser that burps, or Hose Nose, where you squeeze green goo out of fake nose onto your tongue (their motto is, “It’ snot what you think”). Need some sour power? Try Toxic waste or Zotz. For those who want a real “creepy” experience, sink your teeth into some insect candy. You can’t go wrong with sour cream and onion crickets or scorpion brittle. Having a character party? No problem. Most popular kids movies and TV characters now have their very own candy counterparts. From Hello Kitty marshmallow pops, to Spongebob ring pops, to Disney Princess pez and Spiderman Giant Pez, almost everyone is available in candy. What if you want the star of the party to be the sweetest person there? No problem, you can have their picture put on chocolate!
  • Universal Appeal-I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy some kind of candy. Sweets are one of those rare items that cut across gender, race, generation, culture, or any of the dozens of other “gaps” that separate people. I have had the pleasure of watching a parent or grandparent introduce a piece of nostalgic candy, such as Necco Wafers or wax bottles, to a child many times. I have witnessed peoples’ faces light up as they discovered that their favorite candy is available in sugar free. I’ve been delighted to acquaint visitors from other countries with some of our unique specialties. We have a candy cart that we bring to many special events Rarely is it just the children who come to get something to eat! Everybody has a favorite candy!
  • Economical- Often you can purchase candy to use as decorations for the same or less money than you would spend on traditional decorations. Bulk candy items scattered around a table make for a tasty design, without a lot of expense. You’ll also save a lot of time on clean up. People don’t leave a lot of decorations laying around when they’re this good.
  • The final reason to think about making candy a part of your next party is the simplest and the most powerful. Candy is fun! Let’s face it, which is more fun, a streamer or a strawberry gummy? A banner or a bunch of chocolates? Candy has a way of putting a smile on peoples’ faces, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Ken Shenkman Ph.D. is an owner of Bulk Candy Store, one of the largest online candy stores and the only one that visits fairs and festivals all over the U.S. He is fond of using candy as a decorating tool and does so often for parties all over the country.


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