Proper eating and regular exercise go together, as a proven formula working to improve your health, enabling you to live better longer. As you continue to eat and to exercise properly it will become a a habit, and a good habit at that. Habits are difficult to break, so better the habit we form be a good one. Forming good habits is helpful in helping us to let go of health damaging bad habits.

There are positive benefits to be gained by combining a whole grain diet with the use of olive oil. A healthy diet means eating the right proportions of fruits and vegetables 먹튀검증  in combination with a diet of fish and lesser portions of meat products. It is also useful to eat low fat dairy foods rather than full fat dairy products.

Use of little or no alcohol beverages is certainly a benefit. It has been shown over and over again that consumption of alcoholic beverages can be damaging to our brain cells. When a brain cell is destroyed the body does not manufacture another one, its duties need to be taken over by another braincell. That is not
as easy to do as it is to say.

To be a nonsmoker is to improve your life. Not smoking leads us to living a long and healthy life. Smoking is damaging to the lungs, to your health, and makes breathing more difficult.

Combining healthy eating with a daily exercise regime is a perfect combination. Daily exercise does not need to be a hard workout. A daily fast walk, not running, not just a stroll, is good habit to get into. Starting to exercise, and to eat healthy, when we are young is a good habit to get into.

I am 63 years of age. I was a locomotive mechanic and relief supervisor with CN Rail for 31 years before retiring. Returned to work after retirement as an transit bus operator


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