Anticipate to enter a new of glam, bling, and fabulous furs in Diamond Dogs video poker machines, the casino game where celebrity dogs rule. With big earnings and numerous free rotates, you just might be as rich and famous as these spoiled pooches.

This game features five reels, 25 bet lines and four bet levels to choose from. Players can win and multiply their earnings through various advantages offered by the game’s wild and scatter symbols, as well as additional bonuses such as the photo shoot round and free spin times.

The game is filled with symbols that humorously spoof The movies life and celebrity styles. Fulfill the top rich and famous mutts in Diamond Dogs video poker machines:

Rottweiler — Doggiewood’s most celebrated furry personality, this dog covered in gold bling brings the highest paying amount of 10, 000 coins in slot server thailand a winning combination. This wild symbol is equivalent to an amount that can be doubled or tripled depending on the bet level and type of spin round.

Chihuahua — As the scatter symbol of Diamond Dog video poker machines, the amount of bounty over this little male head is not only the second largest, but it can also be multiplied many times depending on the pay total bet multiplier. On a free spin, the win will be three times the original amount, with the amount accelerating depending on the number of Chihuahua symbols that appear.

Three Chihuahuas located anywhere on the five reels grants which you free spin round, where you can get up to 10 free rotates. The spin round is most desired since the earnings for this round are tripled and accumulate as more Chihuahuas can be found in succession.

Paparazzi Dog — When you see this dog, three or more times in successive order from left to right, the activated payline brings you into a unique feature of the game, the Celebrity Photo Shoot.

The Celebrity Photo Shoot parades out the finest dogs in red carpet style for a photo opportunity with you as the paparazzi. The use of the game is for you to click the super star dogs to take their picture. Every great shot gets you coin prize equivalent. Just be sure to practice your photography skills because if you commit some photo errors, such as an out-of-focus shot, or a dirty dog paw in a print, then the game is over.

Other symbols to watch are bamboo bedding and sheets doghouse, pet vacation, diamond dog dish featuring sparkling wine and beef, VIP fire hydrant, silk-wrapped bone, diamond collars and blue and gold bows. These symbols show not only the ultimate dog’s lifestyle, but next to your skin related values to add on to your earnings.

The game Diamond Dogs video poker machines is a fun game for position aficionados who like to play in vogue. The game has a fun, main stream feel that channels excitement of celebrity lifestyles and The movies parties. The online software definitely delivers the theme: Music pumps, lights flash, and the dogs’ will often bark haven’t been more posh-sounding. At Doggiewood, fame and fortune is just within a paw’s reach..

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