There are different types of hair, such as straight, curly, and wavy. Curly is hard to manage and it is uncontrollable, while wavy hair can be curly and straight for some time, but still it can be hard to manage. Straight hair is the opposite of curly hair, it is easy to manage. If you have curly and wavy hair, and you want to have a straight hair, you can try ceramic irons to help you to get your desired hair type.

What is it?

Ceramic is not a metal but it is very durable and smooth, and I ceramic oil burner t will maintain and distribute the heat equally. Ceramic irons are made from hard ceramic coatings and layers, which makes it more effective. The heating time of the Ceramic irons are faster than any other hair irons. The heat can be distributed to all the parts of the ceramic surface for not more than 10 seconds.

Types of Damage:

All flat irons create damage to the hair. There are two types of iron damage; heat damage or mechanical damage. Heat damage is pretty much unavoidable because you need that hot iron to make hair straight. Mechanical damage is caused by non-smooth plates. Most of the plates are aluminium and ceramic plates. Ceramic can damage hair if the plate wears off.

How to use it properly:

Before using this, you should have the essential tools, which include hair brushes and several hair clips. Set the iron on the desired heat, then portion your hair into many parts. Put the iron at the top next to the head. Be sure not to touch it on your head and do not leave it for too long. Then move the iron slowly downward. After you finish all your hair, you can put cream in your hair to give it a shiny look.

How to clean Ceramic irons:

In time, the ceramic irons can build up heat that comes from the pad. To keep your Ceramic iron in good condition, you should have the proper information on how to clean it. Wrong cleaning of the ceramic has a greater chances of damaging the ceramic surface than anything else. Here are some steps you should follow in cleaning your ceramic iron:

Step 1: Have a soft rug, alcohol and a blower.

Step 2: Wet your soft rug with alcohol.

Step 3: Scrub the soft rug in any tough spots. This can remove any product build up on the surface. It is okay to scrub it since the scrub does not cause abrasion so it would not damage the ceramics.

Step 4: Then wet it with water and make it look like a damp rug, after that you can wipe it on the surface.

Step 5: Then when drying the ceramic irons use another soft dry rag to wipe the surface with excess water.

Step 6: Then blow dry it but set it in the cool mode. This will this will remove any particles and moisture.

There are different kinds of ceramic irons, like titanium ceramic and tourmaline ceramics. You should not be confused which one is the best. Just being ceramic will assure you that it is good, but you should check if the ceramic is real, because a lot of the brands just paint it with regular paint to make it look like a ceramic material.

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