Casino Dealers School Offers Great Career Opportunities – Part 1

To obtain a position for a dealer at a casino, you’re expected to be knowledgeable in dealing at least two table games. You will have to pass an audition in the table games with the respective casino before being considered for hire. There are basically seven different classes to take Roulette, Craps, Black Jack, Poker, Baccarat, Pai Gow, and Pai Gow Poker.바카라사이트 

Roulette: This class should offer comprehensive hands on training beginning with the rules and object of the game of Roulette. Then advancing to the handling of cheques, changing currency and the operation of the equipment. The student will then proceed to learn Take and Pay procedures, keys for payoffs, markers, call bets, cash bets, fills and credits, table limits, casino variations, and protection of the game. Audition procedures and job interviews should also be covered.

Craps: This class should offer an extensive hands on training beginning with a description of the terminology used in the game, rules of the game, color and value of cheques, changing color and cutting and picking of cheques. The student is then advanced to Primary and Advanced betting, take and pay procedures, totaling and converting pay-offs, stick handling and calls. Then training moves on to proposition bets, place bets, come bets, buy bets, odds and multiple odds, table limits, security of the game, and casino variations. Audition procedures and job interviews should also be covered.

Black Jack: This class should offer instructions in Black Jack beginning with the rules and object of the game. Then moves on to equipment handling, dealer and player positions, handling of cheques, and distribution of the cards. The student will then go through Extensive hands on training to insure mastery of the skill of dealing from a single deck, double deck and dealing from a shoe, Multi-hand procedures, splitting pairs, doubling down, Black Jacks and insurance. Instruction also includes protection of the game, dealer relief, audition techniques and job interviews.



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